Applying for Parking

Academic Year


All students interested in parking for the 2022/2023 school year must apply through the  Parking Sale channel on PAWS, including those registered to live in USask Residences. Availability is limited.

2022 - 2023 Student Parking Sale Dates

May 1, 8:00 am to Aug. 19, 10:00 am      Sale applications are accepted in PAWS
Aug. 21, 8:00 am First Chance results are posted in PAWS 
Aug. 22, 8:30 am to Sept. 2, 4:30 pm Allocated First Chance permits available for purchase and pickup
Sept. 4, 8:00 am Second Chance results posted in PAWS 
Sept. 6, 8:30 am to Sept. 9, 4:30 pm            Allocated Second Chance permits available for purchase and pickup

This is a random selection and applying early does not ensure a better chance of being selected for a space. 

Application Process


  • You must have a valid NSID number to complete the application in PAWS. 
  • You must be registered in at least one USask class or at an affiliated college by the application deadline.
  • Only one permit per student number.


  • Applications are accepted from May 1, 2022 - August 19, 2022. During that period, applications may be changed or withdrawn at any time.
  • Choose only those lots which you are prepared to accept and list your choices in order of preference. 
  • Once you have been allocated a student permit there will be no option to change to another lot at any time.

Commuting Students from Outside the City Limits
You must apply for a permit through the Parking Sale. If you are not allocated a permit in the First Chance Sale you may come to Parking and Transportation Services on Aug. 22, 2022 to apply for a stall in Lot 15 or Stadium Parkade.  This is on a first-come, first-served basis, as there are a limited number of permits.  

Second Chance
Student permits that were not picked up by the deadline date for the First Chance Sale will be allocated by a computer generated selection to those that applied to the Parking Sale and were NOT allocated a parking permit in the First Chance Sale. 

Waiting List
Students who paid the $20.00 application fee and entered the Parking Sale and were not allocated a parking permit in either the First Chance or Second Chance sales will automatically be added to the waitlist and contacted by email if a space is available.

Ready to apply?

$20.00 non-refundable application fee will be charged for all applications. If you wish to withdraw your application at any time, the fee still applies. 


Students requiring parking on campus during the summer months - May 1 to August 31 - can purchase a parking permit for Lots S, Y, Z and 15. Permits are sold for calendar months only and can be purchased at Parking and Transportation Services.

Prices and Locations

September - April

Sept - Apr 
(includes GST)
S lot Located on Innovation Blvd electrified $571.20
Q lot Located on East Road (off Preston) electrified $571.20
Y lot Located on East Road (off Preston) electrified $571.20
Z Lot Located on Campus Drive  non-electrified $571.20
Stadium Parkade Located off College Drive some electrified $722.40
Lot 15 Located at Preston & College Drive non-electrified $487.20

May - August

Lots - S Lot, Y Lot, Z Lot and Lot 15 (Includes GST)
One month   $71.40
Two months  $142.80
Three months   $214.20
May 1 to August 31   $285.60

Please note permits are sold for calendar months ONLY. 

Residence Parking

September - April


Residence students are guarenteed parking only if they enter the Student Parking Sale.

Sept - Apr 
 (no GST)
Aird Street non-electrified $600.00
W Lot electrified  $600.00
U Lot some electrified 
plus a metered area for visitors
Stadium Parkade some electrified  $688.00

Resident Agreement Holders will be allocated a stall for Aird Street, U lot , W Lot, or Stadium Parkade by applying through the Student Parking Sale (see above). 

May - August

Parking in Lot U is complimentary for those staying in residence between May and August.

Lots - Lot W & Aird Street                   (no GST)
One month   $75.00
Two months  $150.00
Three months   $225.00
May 1 to August 31   $300.00

Please note permits are sold for calendar months ONLY. 

Night and Weekend Parking

Night Permits

When properly displayed, permits for Lots Q, S, Y, Z, 15 and Stadium Parkade function as night permits, and are valid in the following lots:

When properly displayed, permits for Lots U, W and Aird Street function as night permits, and are valid in the following lots:

  • Mon-Thurs 4pm-5am for Lots E, H, HA, K, MO, and Z

Permits are not required in any of the above lots (excluding Lots G and R) from 4pm Friday - 5am Monday.

If you do not have a student permit, please see our Visitor Parking page for night and weekend parking options.

Motorcycle Parking

If you wish to purchase a Motorcycle Permit, please visit our Visitor Parking page for more information.

Cancelling Parking

See our Permit Refund Policy for information about returning a parking permit.

Lost Permit

Lost or stolen permits have a replacement fee of $25.00. You must report to Parking and Transportation Services in person and fill out the necessary forms for replacement.

USSU Designated Parking

The USSU will be accepting applications for designated parking. Students who require parking because of exceptional circumstances may apply to the Designated Parking Program only after they have been unsuccessful in the online sale. 

Tips and Reminders

Make sure you review parking tips and reminders.


Contact Parking and Transportation Services for more information.