Traffic Bylaw

Parking regulations are detailed in the University of Saskatchewan Traffic Bylaw, which is enacted and enforced under the University of Saskatchewan Act, 1995 (Section 100).

Parking Policies

The following policies have been established by Parking and Transportation Services and approved by the University of Saskatchewan Board of Governors:

Permit Refund Policy

REFUND POLICY for Student Permits and Resident Student Permits

Student and Residence permits can be cancelled effective the 15th or last day of a month. Permits returned at any other time will be refunded only for the time remaining, beginning at the next 15th or last day of the month, whichever comes first.

Eg: If a permit is returned on November 30, you will be refunded the price for December 1 - April 30. If a permit is returned on December 2, you will be refunded for December 15 - April 30.

There is a $25 administration fee for each return.

No returns will be allowed after March 1 of each year.

Out of Province Vehicle Policy

The University of Saskatchewan has the legal authority to tow or boot (see below) all vehicles for outstanding violations. All costs are the responsibility of the user.

Vehicles which are not registered in the province of Saskatchewan are subject to Saskatchewan legislation. 

To appeal a violation through the Saskatchewan Provincial Court, you must provide the vehicle registration that includes the registered owner's name, full address and vehicle information to Parking and Transportation Services, 72 Campus Drive.  This information must be provided before the first violation is 14 days past the date of the initial ticket.  If you drive an out of province licensed vehicle, keep violations current in order to avoid this consequence, added cost and inconvenience.

Towing and Booting Policy

The University of Saskatchewan has the legal authority to Tow and/or Boot (immobilize) any vehicle that has outstanding violations (even if they are not in violation at the time). Out of Province vehicles (see above) are subject to Saskatchewan legislation.

Booting is a locking device placed on the wheel of the vehicle that prevents the vehicle from moving. The boots are removed once all outstanding violations are paid. Booting is used as an alternative to towing the vehicle and can be used if the vehicle is inaccessible to towing or the officer deems it necessary. Attempting to drive the vehicle with the boot or tamper with boot in any way is illegal. Only Parking and Transportation Services employees can remove the boot. After 24 hours of booting, the university may deem it necessary to tow the vehicle to a compound on campus or hold the vehicle with the contract towing firm's compound. All fees and charges associated with the towing and storage of the vehicle are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

In order to avoid being towed or booted, please keep violations paid up to date. 

If your vehicle has been towed or booted, payment of all outstanding parking fines is required for release, as well as a valid driver's license and vehicle registration.  Please contact Parking and Transportation Services to arange for payment and release of the vehicle.

View violation payment information.

Snow Clearing Policy

We strive to ensure that parking lots are kept in a usable state to the best of our abilities. Disabled parking areas, loading docks, roads and sidewalks are first priority for snow removal followed by parking lots. Snow removal from parking lots is determined on the level of accumulation.    Sand and salt are used as needed to help with traction.

You can find more information on USask snow clearing here: Snow and Ice: Clearing and Removal - Saskatoon Campus