Applying for Parking

To apply for a Faculty/Staff Permit visit the link below. Parking stalls are allocated based on seniority and you will be assigned a location based on available parking stalls.

Sessional Lecturers may purchase part-time parking by emailing Roberta Campbell-Chudoba.

Service Vehicle Permit or Motorcycle Permit (see below)

Parking Lot Wait List

Parking stalls occasionally become available in lots on campus. If you would like to be placed on a waiting list for a parking stall in a different location please go to the Employee Parking channel on PAWS and click on "Manage Applications".

Prices and Locations

Lots E, F, G, H, HA, K, M, O, Q, R, T, and V electrified $90.00/month plus GST
Stadium Parkade $90.00/month plus GST
Lots A, B, HC, KC, and WC non-electrified $80.00/month plus GST

 Prices are subject to change without notice and all conditions must be followed.


Parking fees are split and will be deducted from your salary every semi-monthly pay day.

Additional Permit Benefits

A number of value-added benefits are available to all staff and faculty members who purchase a monthly permit.

All valid staff & faculty permits function as a Night Permit.

When properly displayed, the night permit is valid in the following lots, Mon - Thurs, 4pm - 5am:

  • Lots E, F, G, H, HA, K, M, N, O, Q, R, S, T, V, W, Y, and Z

Your staff & faculty permit allows you to park in  Lot 20 (in front of Merlis Belsher Place) at any time of the day without paying the fee.

If you have a monthly staff & faculty permit, you are eligible to receive a motorcycle permit for no additional charge. Motorcycle permits can be used in any of the motorcycle lots around campus.

Permits are provided for the calendar year, and must be renewed annually.

Please note that motorcycle permits cannot be used in gated staff and faculty parking lots.

If you do not have a monthly staff & faculty permit and wish to purchase a motorcycle permit, please visit our Visitor Parking page.

Cancelling Parking or Leaves

Parking can only be cancelled effective on the 15th or last day of a month.

Cancellation form must be submitted at least one day prior to the cancellation date. Parking permit(s) must be returned after the last day of parking.

Once you cancel your parking there is no guarantee that you will get your stall back immediately on request. You would have to put your name back on the waiting list and if a stall in your preferred lot is available, it will be re-assigned where possible.

Unless specified you will be removed from all waiting lists upon cancellation.

Approved leave of absence
You must advise Parking and Transportation Services when your leave begins so that parking can be re-assigned accordingly. If your leave is for a period longer than one month, the stall will automatically be returned to Parking and Transportation Services for re-assignment (even temporarily). Please note that a minimum of 2 weeks' notice is required to reactivate your parking when returning from an approved leave.

If you are taking a short leave (less than one month) you may allow a co-worker to share your stall during your absence by advising Parking and Transportation Services.

Service Vehicle Permit

Service Vehicle permits are meant for short term university business only (eg. meetings, deliveries of certain types, etc.). The permit allows users to park at a designated University Vehicles Only stalls.

In order to apply for a Service Vehicle Permit you must:

  1. Apply (by Department Head) in writing to Parking and Transportation Services, (must contain reasons for request and intent of permit use).
  2. You must be an employee of the University and you must have a valid parking permit at the University in order to qualify for said permit.
  3. All conditions and time limits must be followed.
  4. Cost of Service Vehicle permits are to be paid annually by CFOAPAL. Please provide all billing information on application.

Parking and Transportation Services reserves the right to provide service permits at their discretion and may refuse or revoke any permit for cause.

Lost Permit

Lost or stolen permits have a replacement value of $25.00. You must report to Parking and Transportation Services in person and fill out the necessary forms for replacement.

Daily Parking Options

Faculty and Staff who do not hold a permit may use any of our Daily Parking options.

Tips and Reminders

Make sure you review parking tips and reminders.


For more information please contact Parking and Transportation Services at:

Faculty and Staff Parking