Getting Started

Arrangements for Conference and Special Event parking can be made by contacting Parking and Transportation Services. Please allow five working days notice in order that we may properly plan your special event. For really large events, more time may be required.

There are several ways in which to handle special events. For small events, for example, departments could reserve hood meter spaces for a fee ($30.00 per day, per space). Departments wishing to provide parking for visitors or guest speakers could purchase a daily meter permit at ($20.00 per day). This option is not available to off campus entities.

These are just some examples of the options available. Please be prepared to provide a CFOAPAL and billing information at the time of your call.

Some things to think about when planning an event on Campus:

  1. Plan ahead and ask questions. Feel free to contact our department at any time
  2. Parking is very limited Monday to Friday from September to April. We are already utilizing most parking stalls to maximum capacity. Even our pay lots are maximized most days during regular session and empty space is minimal. We simply do not have extra space to provide for large events. The best time to plan events at the University would be after 18:00 hours or on weekends.  Summer parking is much more relaxed and we have many more options. Reading Week or Spring Break is another option. Let us help you plan your event.
  3. We do not have space for bus parking. All buses dropping off or loading passengers must leave campus as we do not have space for them.
  4. Payment for events must be made in advance of the event.
  5. The University cannot guarantee parking at any time for special events.
  6. If you are planning a wedding on campus, please be sure to include parking arrangements in your plan. You do not want your wedding bliss to be discouraged by poor advance planning. Where are you taking pictures? Can you park nearby? Can your guests park nearby for the reception? Is there special parking for the Bride and Groom? We can help, please call our office for options.
  7. If you are staying in residence during your event, where can you park? Please call us for rates and options.


For more information please contact Parking and Transportation Services.