Bicycle Parking

Bike commuters have three different options for storing their bikes when they arrive on campus:

Bike commuters can park their bikes at one of the many outdoor bike racks located throughout campus.

Bike parking is available in the Health Sciences and Agriculture parkades. Users can pay monthly for access to the bike parking areas in either building for secure bicycle storage in a climate-controlled area that is available year-round. The Health Sciences location includes access to change/shower area within the building and access through the main entrance ramp. 

Parkade Bike Storage Rates

Prices are for full calendar months (plus 5% GST)
Monthly  $10
4 Consecutive Months $30
6 Consecutive Months $45
12 Consecutive Months $75

The Agriculture parkade bike storage requires a $25 deposit  to secure the U lock upon signing up, however this amount is refunded in full when the lock is returned to Parking and Transportation Services in good working condition. 

Constructed from 100% recycled black plastic (except doors and hardware), the storage lockers come with a locking mechanism and padlock. Strategically placed in high traffic areas on campus, the bike lockers allow users to lock up their bike and possessions in a secure outdoor storage unit, safe from the outdoor elements.  

Bike Locker Rates

Prices are for full calendar months (plus 5% GST)
Monthly  $20
4 Consecutive Months $60
6 Consecutive Months $90
12 Consecutive Months $150

Locking Your Bike

University campuses experience some of the highest rates of bicycle theft due to the abundant supply and poor locking habits. When locking your bike on campus, use the following guidelines to effectively secure your ride:

  • Use a strong U-Lock with an optional chain for additional protection. Combination and cable locks are often easily crackable or breakable and offer little protection on campus.
  • Always lock your bike around the frame and rear wheel. 
  • Front wheels are easily removed and, though less valuable, still a target for thieves. Never lock your bike through the front wheel, and if you are extra concerned about security detach your front wheel and lock it with your rear wheel and frame.

Bike Tools

With a valid student card, bike tool kits and supplies for minor repairs can be rented from the PAC Equipment Room during PAC hours. The USSU also has a bike repair stand with a limited number of tools installed in The Bowl, outside of the Arts Building.


For more information please contact Parking and Transportation Services.