Designated Locations

A Sask Abilities Placard is required for all designated disability parking.

Please see the Accessibility Map for designated disability parking locations and power-assisted entrance doors. 

Reserved Parking

  • Must apply to Parking and Transportation Services.
  • Permit must be displayed on the vehicle when parked.
  • Space is assigned to people with disabilities based on medical need. 
  • Applicants require a valid SaskAbilities Placard.  If application is complete and approved, Sask Abilities Placard is issued immediately.
  • Parking and Transportation Services reserves the right to require independent medical assessment.
  • Location of disability parking will be determined based on medical requirements and availability of space.
  • The cost of disabled parking is varied (according to location) and is the same as for anyone else using that location.

Applying for Disability Parking

Advance arrangements (where possible) are appreciated and suggested. 

Arrangements for temporary or permanent Disability Parking Permits can be made in person at the Parking and Transportation Services or online by completing the following steps:

  1. Apply for Disability Parking.
  2. Parking and Transportation Services will following up with your request and contact you within 2 business days.
  3. Applicant will be asked to provide a Sask Abilities Council issued parking permit to the Parking and Transportation Services office.

Terms and Conditions

  • Disability stalls cannot be shared.  If you are driving a disabled person, you may be provided with parking however it will not be in a disabled space. You may carpool but ONLY if the disabled person is present when the vehicle is parked. The disabled person MUST be qualified and able to drive in order to be considered for a disability space. Disability spaces are monitored and any ABUSE could result in a loss of privileges and perhaps violations.
  • Permits must be properly displayed on the rear view mirror at all times when parked in a designated disabled space.
  • Disability stalls are a very valuable resource and some areas are very highly used. Please provide your schedule so that stalls can be shared where possible.
  • If you no longer require the stall or will be away for a period of more than one week (medical leave, sabbatical, classes etc.), please let Parking and Transportation Services know so that we may utilize the stall in your absence. You cannot give someone else permission to use the stall at anytime.


For more information please contact Parking and Transportation Services:

Faculty and Staff
306-966-4509 or

306-966-4509 or